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We’re passionate about democracy. That’s why we developed Text Out the Vote, a customized, all-in-one mobile messaging platform for non-profits, brands, and campaigns that are committed to strengthening our democracy by empowering and mobilizing voters.

Why Text?

Let’s face it -- we’re bombarded by a constant stream of news and notifications. Yet, research shows that text messages break through the noise.
97 %
99 %
95 %

What We Offer

Our customized Text Out The Vote platform offers an all-inclusive solution that combines your organization’s voice with reliable, nonpartisan data from our partners at Democracy Works -- the team that powers Google’s election information -- to help you:
  • Register voters
  • Keep subscribers engaged during election season
  • Mobilize volunteers
  • Help voters find their polling place
  • Help subscribers make a plan to vote
  • Make sure subscribers vote on Election Day

We leverage the power of mobile messaging to help you develop a strong relationship with voters and inspire them to take action.

We Know It Works

The technology and methodology behind Text Out the Vote has proven effective.
  • In 2016, subscribers who received these texts voted at a rate 20 percentage points higher than their demographically-similar peers.
  • In 2018, our platform integrated with the leading technology in the country to help thousands of people register to vote, learn what was on their ballots, find their polling place and get their questions answered in real-time on Election Day.

Case Studies

  • Univision 2016 GOTV Platform: We developed a comprehensive, nonpartisan text platform for Latinos nationwide in 2016, ensuring they had the information and tools they needed to naturalize, register to vote, and vote — and we saw a double-digit increase in voter turnout among our subscribers.
  • I am a voter. Meteorite partnered with the leading civic technology organizations to deliver an all-in-one solution for the dozens of entertainment and media companies behind the I am a voter. campaign, which helped tens of thousands of people register and get to the polls.

Customized Solutions & Simple Pricing Models

Text Out the Vote lets your audience hear from YOU.  We’ll work with you to develop content in your brand’s voice, and even share engaging images, GIFs, or other custom content that will strengthen your relationship with subscribers and let your brand’s personality shine.  And, we offer simple pricing models for organizations big and small. We can create a custom solution for any brand voice and budget.


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