Building Coalitions

Meteorite runs the Civic Alliance, the nation’s leading business coalition supporting civic engagement. Founded by Democracy Works and the CAA Foundation, the Civic Alliance brings together and supports its member companies as they each take concrete actions that encourage internal and external audiences to participate in elections, the 2020 Census, and to be active members of their communities. Launched in 2020, Civic Alliance members include Amazon, Target, Snapchat, the Gap, Starbucks, Instagram, and over 50 other leading companies.

Mobilizing Voters

We run a custom mobile text platform that reaches thousands of voters who have signed up for the I am a voter. campaign, led by the Creative Artists Agency, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and dozens of leading brands. The campaign’s text platform helps users register to vote and provides targeted election reminders powered by Democracy Works’ trusted election data. The platform dramatically increases voter engagement and turnout: in 2018, voters under 30 who subscribed to the text platform voted at more than double the rate of their peers nationally.

Strengthening Democracy

We’ve worked with leading civic organizations and corporate partners to support voter education, outreach and participation. From inspiring local events in all 50 states with MTV and VoteTogether, to managing national voter activation strategies Democracy Works, we’ve mobilized Americans across the country to participate in our electoral process.

Empowering Parents

We conceived and help manage an Emmy Award-winning partnership between Univision and the Clinton The foundation that empowers Hispanic parents with tools to support early literacy and kindergarten readiness. Over the past 7 years, the partnership has developed original television and radio programming, mobile campaigns, digital content and community events that have reached Hispanic parents with more than 800 million media impressions. And, we’ve created the country’s largest Spanish-language text message platform for parents, where over 125,000 subscribers have signed up to receive twice-weekly tips, tools and activity ideas to support early learning.

Raising Awareness

We’ve worked with media companies in the United States and around the world to shape attitudes, knowledge and behavior on a range of public health and social issues -- including HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ rights, sexual health, climate change, education and civic participation.

Driving Strategy

We support the Democracy Fund and a growing coalition of private funders and civic organizations to advance the Civic Moonshot, a non-partisan blueprint to achieve an American democracy “of the people, by the people and for the people,” where a representative 80% of eligible voters are voting in the United States by 2028.

Coaching Leaders & Building Teams

We coach Fortune 500 executives, non-profit leaders, philanthropists, and teams with bold ideas to improve our world. Meteorite’s executive coaching & team-building curricula have helped major corporations, foundations and civic organizations achieve breakthrough results on a range of social impact issues.

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